As Pur Panel we manufacture and supply cold rooms, cold room panels, cold room doors, panels, doors, panel accessories, door accessories, floor panels, cold room floor panels, cold room, cold room panel, cold room door, panel, door, panel accessory, door accessory, floor panel, cold room floor panel, locked system cold room panels, locked corrugated cold room panels, locked flat cold room panels, flat cold room panels, corrugated cold room panels, cold room panel accessories, cold room door accessories, sliding cold room doors, crash system cold room doors, office doors, bar doors, service doors, sandwich panels, grooved surface sandwich panels, plywood surface polyurethane finish panels, polyurethane finish panels, flat surface sandwich panels, sliding doors, double leaf bar doors, single leaf bar doors, monorail doors, hinged doors, floor fixing accessories, pvc accessories ceiling corner sittings, ceiling corner sittings, corner sittings, corner rotational components, lower components, upper components, internal rotational components, rotational components, external rotational components, left terminatings, right terminatings, pvc strip curtains, strip curtains, pvc curtains, stopers, pvc stoper accessories, locked system cold room panel, locked corrugated cold room panel, locked flat cold room panel, flat cold room panel, corrugated cold room panel, cold room panel accessory, cold room door accessory, sliding cold room door, crash system cold room door, office door, bar door, service door, sandwich panel... Our company serves to our customers in demands of high quality solutions with our 15 years of experience in Turkish and foreign markets. PUR PANEL is working on "success in service and guarantee of continuity, integrity and quality together with absolute quality." principle. We are presenting our experiences and product quality to our solution partners based on those principles with respect of close relationships established in many years with our long-standing customers. At the same time, while adapting to the ever-evolving economic conditions, we have chosen to target sustainable business partnership to international quality standards. Our quality and technological equipments used by our experienced staff who are provided with employment in our facilities with our business planning and management system that we have provide our company with the right time and complete delivery of the orders taken. In this respect, it is presented the profitability of making a right investment in our customers. For domestic and foreign cold storages; Locked System Flat and Corrugated Cold Room Panels, Cold Room Floor Panels, Cold Room Panel Accessories, Sliding and Crash System Cold Room Doors, Office-Bar and Service Purposes, Cold Room Door Accessories Our manufacturer company also makes after-sales services of the mentioned products upon request and also offers "turnkey" services to its solution partners. Our technical principals, which we chose by careful selection for the cold-frozen room sector we serve, do not offer any products or services that are "better than both commercial and technical" to our customers in accordance with our working principles. Our company aims to support its solution partners to provide more accurate services in their fields of activity in the context of the high knowledge that they have in control and in the field of expert staff.

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